April 29/30, 2014

"The Farmer & The Chef" opens the Los Gatos

March 9, 2014

"The Farmer & The Chef" Premiere
October 5, 2013

"Gringos at the Gate" is broadcast on ESPN
April 20, 2013

"Gringos at the Gate" is an Official Selection at
WorldFest Houston Film Festival
January 2013

Mike was interviewed on NBC Bay Area
November 2012

"Gringos at the gate" Honorable Mention
The Columbus International Film + Video
Fall 2012

Santa Clara Magazine Article
A rivalry like no other by Mark Purdy
Fall 2012

Mike was featured in the SCU Comm

October 2, 2012

Interview on NBC Bay Area regarding SCU
"Gringos at the Gate" screening
August 2012

"Gringos at the Gate" 2012 Accolade Award of
Merit: feature documentary
Sept. 14, 2012

"Gringos at the Gate" screening at the Kicking
+ Screening film festival in Portland
July 30, 2012

"A Question of habit" will be broadcast on SF
Bay Area PBS
June 27, 2012

"Gringos at the Gate" premieres at the Kicking
+ Screening film festival in NY
January 8, 2012

"A Question of Habit" on PBS Chicago @4pm
Fall 2011

Santa Clara Magazine Article
Sisters Act by Mick Lasalle
September 11, 2011

Interview on Fox Soccer Channel / We Live
Soccer on "Gringos at the Gate"
July 2011

Interview with the Accolade Awards about "A
Question of Habit"
June 2011

Interview with SF360.org
April 2011

REMI Award, WorldFest Houston 2011 for "A
Question of Habit"
April 2011

"A Question of Habit" receives Award of
Excellence: feature documentary from the

March 5, 2011

"A Question of Habit" screening at the Queens
World Film Festival‏ in New York
February 14, 2011

"A Question of Habit" receives a 2011 BEA
Festival of Media Arts Award of Excellence in
the Faculty Documentary Long Form
January 2011

Mike and his partners raise over $11,000 (in 3
days) to complete "Gringos at the Gate" on
May 17, 2010

Mike interviewed about Gringos at the Gate
doc on the
Fox Football Fone-In television
show on Fox Soccer Channel
March 20, 2010

Michael receives tenure from Santa Clara
May 12, 2009

A Christmas in Tent City is screened at the
opening of the
Multicultural Reading Area of
the Santa Clara University library
April 30, 2009

A Christmas in Tent City & SFMOMA receive
REMI awards from
WorldFest Houston Film
February 26, 2009

Santa Clara University Newspaper article on
“A Christmas in Tent City” at Cinequest
February 11, 2009

A Christmas in Tent City receives 2009 Award
of Excellence from The Broadcast Education
Association (
December 29, 2008

A Christmas in Tent City is accepted into the
Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA
December 12, 2008

A Christmas in Tent City receives 2008
Award of Excellence
September 14, 2008

FRESH women screening Baltimore Women's
Film Festival Pre-event
May 11, 2008

FRESH women Screening @ 12:30pm
Film Festival
April 2008

FRESH Women receives 2008 Accolade
Award of Excellence
December 6, 2007

Guest Speaker, ArtSpan's VIP Selections
FRESH women will be shown and discussed
January 19, 2007

FRESH women Premiere @7pm, Santa Clara
Art show and Reception following screening

Fall 2006

Santa Clara Magazine Article Published:
Work within the system—and keep your